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  • Rebooting AI Review

    Rebooting AI Review

    I was excited to read Rebooting AI (website), to find inspiration and tools for doing things better. Here is the book in one great quote: For now, we are in a kind of interregnum: narrow but networked intelligences with autonomy, but too little genuine intelligence to be able to reason about the consequences of that…

  • The life-changing magic of tidying your work

    The life-changing magic of tidying your work

    Surprise! Managing work in a large organisation is a lot like keeping your belongings in check at home. Get it wrong at home and you have mess and clutter. Get it wrong in the organisation and you have excessive work in progress (WIP), retarding responsiveness, pulverising productivity, and eroding engagement. Reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing…

  • Dumbbell Delivery; Antifragile Software

    Dumbbell Delivery; Antifragile Software

    Not online fitness shopping. Not the brogrammer pumping iron. This is a brief discussion of Antifragile – the latest book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – and relevant insights for software delivery or other complex work. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive exploration of the topics. It’s more a join-the-dots exercise, and it’s left up to the…