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  • Ticker TV Customers & Tech

    Ticker TV Customers & Tech

    In this live interview, I talked with Ticker TV about how organisations are using data to understand changes driven by responses to COVID-19.

  • ML Interpretability with Ambient Visualisations

    ML Interpretability with Ambient Visualisations

    I produced some ambient visualisations as background to short talks on the topic of Interpreting the Opaque Box of ML from ThoughtWorks Technology Radar Volume 21. The talks were presented in breaks at the YOW Developer Conference. Here are my speaker notes. Theme Intro The theme I’m talking about is Interpreting the Opaque Box of…

  • Cost Sensitive Learning – A Hitchhikers Guide

    Cost Sensitive Learning – A Hitchhikers Guide

    Typically prediction is about getting the right answer. But many prediction problems have large and asymmetric costs for different types of mistakes. And often, the chance of making mistakes is exacerbated by training data imbalances. Cost-Sensitive Learning is the range of techniques for extending standard ML approaches to deal with imbalanced data and outcomes. Cost-sensitive…

  • Curtin HIVE Data Visualisation Presentation (2014)

    Curtin HIVE Data Visualisation Presentation (2014)

    IT was great fun presenting some novel business data visualisations on the impressive hardware at Curtin Hive. I just found this video from the 2014 presentation – at about 25 minutes, check out “The Matrix” on the 3m x 8m cylindrical display!

  • Continuous Intelligence at Thoughtworks Live

    Continuous Intelligence at Thoughtworks Live

    Mat Kelcey and I wrote on this talk together. Mat presented at the Sydney event (slides) and I presented at the Melbourne Event (different but same slides). We also had the pleasure of presenting alongside international guests Arif Wider and Sean Gustafson who shared their excellent DataDevOps manifesto (there’s a video from NDC too). I’d…

  • Byte Into It

    Byte Into It

    I joined 3RRR’s Byte Into It on their 25th anniversary program to talk about ThoughtWorks’ technology innovation with Guide Dogs Victoria. You can watch the recording here (I’m on from 40 mins). Did someone say puppies? Image credit 3RRR.

  • Sky News Technology Behind Business

    Sky News Technology Behind Business

    I appeared on the Sky News “Technology Behind Business” program to discuss business applications and adoption of AI and, most interestingly, whether we should fear a malicious super-intelligent AI. I said: rather, fear data leaks and the algorithmic corruption of public life.

  • Step Up on AI

    Step Up on AI

    I provided commentary on our need to step on AI capability and governance in Australia on this story in The Australian newspaper. I was quoted extensively in the article but I wrote a bunch more notes which might be of interest. Further Commentary In the regrettable case of the Knightscope security robot and the curious…

  • Reasoning About Machine Intuition

    Reasoning About Machine Intuition

    This talk discusses the resurgence of Machine Learning and neural networks from multiple perspectives of digital delivery, including: product & design, iterative implementation, organisational design, governance and risk. I chose to use “Intuition” to distinguish ML’s capability for pattern recognition from other descriptions of intelligence. Slides here.

  • Scaling Change

    Scaling Change

    Once upon a time, scaling production may have been enough to be competitive. Now, the most competitive organisations scale change to continually improve customer experience. How can we use what we’ve learned scaling production to scale change? I recently presented a talk titled “Scaling Change”. In the talk I explore the connections between scaling production, sustaining…