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  • Effective Machine Learning Teams in print

    Effective Machine Learning Teams in print

    My book Effective Machine Learning Teams is now in print! Building ML solutions requires multi-disciplinary collaboration. EMLT shows how to use design practices to identify the right products, how to apply good data science and software engineering practices to build products right, and how to structure ML teams and organisations so that they are right…

  • A gentle introduction to embeddings at the inaugural GenAI Nework Melbourne meetup

    A gentle introduction to embeddings at the inaugural GenAI Nework Melbourne meetup

    I was thrilled to help kick-off the GenAI Network Melbourne meetup at their first meeting recently. I presented a talk titled Semantic hide and seek – a gentle introduction to embeddings, based on my experiments with Semantle, other representation learning, and some discussion of what it means to use Generative AI in developing new products…

  • 22 rules of generative AI

    22 rules of generative AI

    Thinking about adopting, incorporating or building generative AI products? Here are some things to think about, depending on your role or roles. I assume you’re bringing your own product idea(s) based on an understanding of an opportunity or problems for customers. These rules therefore focus on the solution space. Solutions with generative AI typically involve…

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback Thursday

    The metaverse is a topic currently, though the concept has a long history. Twenty years ago, in the dotcom era, I was exploring this space, as I was recently reminded. Feeling nostalgic, I dug these projects out of the NAS archives. Tech has moved on, but there’s enduring relevance in what I learned. VO2max (1999)…

  • Synthesising Semantle Solvers

    Synthesising Semantle Solvers

    Picking up threads from previous posts on solving Semantle word puzzles with machine learning, we’re ready to explore how different solvers might play along with people while playing the game online. Maybe you’d like to play speed Semantle against an artificially intelligent opponent, maybe you’d like a left-of-field hint on a tricky puzzle, or maybe…

  • Bridging the linguistic inclusion gap with AI

    Bridging the linguistic inclusion gap with AI

    It was great to be able to reflect with colleagues on common themes running through Thoughtworks’ work in languages and technology. In various scenarios, with different technology approaches, we worked to improve the inclusiveness of solutions, pointing to a more linguistically inclusive future.

  • Rebooting AI Review

    Rebooting AI Review

    I was excited to read Rebooting AI (website), to find inspiration and tools for doing things better. Here is the book in one great quote: For now, we are in a kind of interregnum: narrow but networked intelligences with autonomy, but too little genuine intelligence to be able to reason about the consequences of that…

  • No Smooth Path to Good Design

    No Smooth Path to Good Design

    The path to good design is bumpy, as we will demonstrate with four teapots. (Yes, teapots. Teapots are a staple of computer science and philosophy.) The path to good design matters, because if you are trying to build a design capability, the journey will be smoother if you understand that the path is bumpy. Leaders…

  • Jetty to Jetty app

    Jetty to Jetty app

    I released an app 🙂 – for iOS and Android. It’s a self-guided audio tour of historic sites in Broome, Western Australia, including beautiful stories told by locals. Nyamba Buru Yawuru developed the concept, curated the media, engaged local stakeholders, and were product owners for the app. This work was exciting for its value to the…

  • Leave Product Development to the Dummies

    Leave Product Development to the Dummies

    This is the talk I gave at Agile Australia 2013 about the role of simulation in product development. Check out a PDF of the slides with brief notes. Description Stop testing on humans! Auto manufacturers have greatly reduced the harm once caused by inadvertently crash-testing production cars with real people. Now, simulation ensures every new car…