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  • Continuous Intelligence at Thoughtworks Live

    Continuous Intelligence at Thoughtworks Live

    Mat Kelcey and I wrote on this talk together. Mat presented at the Sydney event (slides) and I presented at the Melbourne Event (different but same slides). We also had the pleasure of presenting alongside international guests Arif Wider and Sean Gustafson who shared their excellent DataDevOps manifesto (there’s a video from NDC too). I’d…

  • Reasoning About Machine Intuition

    Reasoning About Machine Intuition

    This talk discusses the resurgence of Machine Learning and neural networks from multiple perspectives of digital delivery, including: product & design, iterative implementation, organisational design, governance and risk. I chose to use “Intuition” to distinguish ML’s capability for pattern recognition from other descriptions of intelligence. Slides here.

  • Scaling Change

    Scaling Change

    Once upon a time, scaling production may have been enough to be competitive. Now, the most competitive organisations scale change to continually improve customer experience. How can we use what we’ve learned scaling production to scale change? I recently presented a talk titled “Scaling Change”. In the talk I explore the connections between scaling production, sustaining…

  • Arguments with Agency

    Arguments with Agency

    Here are slides from my talk at LASTconf 2015. The title is “Bring Your A-Game to Arguments for Change”. The premise is that there are different types of arguments, more or less suited to various organisational and delivery scenarios, and the best ones have their own agency. In these respects, you can think of them like…

  • Seeing Stars – Bespoke AR for Mobiles

    Seeing Stars – Bespoke AR for Mobiles

    I presented on the development of the awesome Fireballs in the Sky app (iOS and Android) at YOW! West with some great app developers. See the PDF. (NB. there were a lot of transitions) Abstract We’ll explore the development of the Fireballs in the Sky app, designed for citizen scientists to record sightings of meteorites…

  • Playing Games is Serious Business

    Playing Games is Serious Business

    Simple game scenarios can produce the same outcomes as complex and large-scale business scenarios. Serious business games can therefore reduce risk and improve outcomes when launching and optimising services. Gamification also improves alignment and engagement across organisational functions. This is a presentation on using games to understand and improve organisational design and service delivery, which…

  • Data Visualisation: Good for Business

    Data Visualisation: Good for Business

    It was great to be part of the recent ThoughtWorks data visualisation event in Perth. There’s a summary on the ThoughtWorks Insights channel. Visualisation is a topic I love talking about – especially demonstrating why it’s good for business – and presenting with Ray Grasso was a lot of fun. Here’s the full video of…

  • Leave Product Development to the Dummies

    Leave Product Development to the Dummies

    This is the talk I gave at Agile Australia 2013 about the role of simulation in product development. Check out a PDF of the slides with brief notes. Description Stop testing on humans! Auto manufacturers have greatly reduced the harm once caused by inadvertently crash-testing production cars with real people. Now, simulation ensures every new car…